September 30, 2017

A quick trip to Ibiza and back

What to do when your kids are off on a field trip and your husband has announced the upcoming work week will be the busiest one of the year? Go for little voyage yourself of course!

My destination: the island of Ibiza!

There was a mission behind this trip and given the cloudy weather this was just as well. How to cover Ibiza's market in furniture and decoration in four days. Clocking 300km and covering everything from chic lounge style to flee market vintage, this is what I found...

Wouldn't that look great in our Parisian living room?

Another exotic touch that would look good in Paris.

Mexican vibe definitely works better in Ibiza

My kind of slogan:

A dose of peace and love is always welcome in Ibiza

How quaint is this little boutique?

Not sure what I'd do with these in my living room?

A blast from the past: vinyl records

Collage of materials and colours

The local flea market called Ibiza troc

Milka cows with the colour gone wrong?!?

Total kitch and I'm loving it!

Not my style but great inspiration 

Spot the pink flamingos... #ifIhadagarden

If you happen to like the Mafia style

150 Euros for a pair of serving spoons... seriously?!?

"Grow old with me the best is yet to be"

September 24, 2017

The biggest flea market in the world

A sunny Saturday afternoon and Expat husband and I are off to the St.Ouen flea market on our little Italian vespa. Weekend traffic in Paris can be terrible.

You really don't need to be looking for any specific object - in fact it is probably better you don't - because you'll either return empty handed or with all kinds of trinkets you didn't even knew you needed. However, it is a fantastic place to shoot photos... again and again and again...

The business of collecting (scrap metal, antique jewellery, furniture, old books) has been part of Paris life for ever. At night, rag-and-bone men biffins, or crocheteurs travelled through the capital in search of their loot. Driven out of the city at the end of the 19th century by the new authorities anxious to clean up the capital, these rag-and bone men set up camp and hovel between the fortifications and the first houses built in the village of Saint-Ouen. Little by little, it wasn't long before open-air cafés and dance halls appeared, along with numerous stalls where the people of Paris would come by on a Sunday to stroll and perhaps stop for a small glass of white wine.

In 2001, the entire marketplace was classified as Zone de Protection du Patrimoine Architectural Urbain et Paysager (urban architectural landscape heritage protection zone ) for its very unusual atmosphere. There are more than 2000 boutiques spread out into 16 markets and spilling over into several surrounding streets.

Les Puces is known as one of the largest Flea Market in the world.

So, let's start with a real Neapolitan coffee!

I have always had my eye on these kind of 1970s champagne glasses.
My husband informs me his Mamma has plenty of these in the cellar in Napoli

An eclectic mix

Expat hubby does not believe I started skiing with these bindings.

Caught my eye

Thinking of my knitting Mexican friend

Seems like a scene out of a French movie

Made me smile big time

Thanks to little brothers and car-mad sons you recognise the models

Loved the colour composition

Blast from the past!

We could do with a big miroir louis xv in our entrance, couldn't we?!?

It's all in the presentation

This painting hit home... literally!

If ever we acquire a chambre de bonne... this could become its direct access!

Impressive "stand"

I'll have the pair to take home please.

Funky dining room chairs... to bad that don't come in pink!

Please can we have a rest?

These round mirrors might fit our entrance better?

Someone got lost!

Aperitivo time!

My absolute favourite fairy tale when I was a little girl.

I love kitch!

One day... when we live in the country?!?

Paris or Las Vegas?

Gotta love those old-fashion globes

Caught my husband's eye!

Wondering what's behind those walls?

A touch of pink and an amazing smell

Clutter that someone will be interested in buying

No one home?

Someone emptied their attic

Where to start?

Feeling artistic!
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