February 26, 2012

The Swiss Alps are calling me...

"Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest."
Robert Montgomery

Once a year we religiously return to Switzerland for a family ski holiday. It is a chance to cure our Swiss homesickness. None of us have a drop of Swiss blood in us but all four family members have a strong bond to this tiny country in the heart of Europe.

When I married my Italian beau many years ago, I insisted on one condition - yes, just one - that he would take me "home" to ski once a year no matter where we lived. Ever since he has kept his promise and what others call ski holidays, we call our "Swiss holidays".

The kids started skiing as soon as they could walk and even my Neapolitan husband has taken a penchant towards the sport. It is a holiday we all look forward to as soon as the cold weather begins not only because it means that we'll be going "home" soon but also that we'll be able to enjoy all the Swiss traditions and delicacies that we so much enjoy.

The feel of crunching snow beneath our skis is just the beginning of many thrills.

Approaching the Swiss Alps

Definately arrived in Switzerland

On top of the world and happy as punch

Tomorrow we will conquer the mountain

Home is where the heart is

With our hearts in the sky

Fairytale à la suisse

Just in case you were wondering....

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