November 12, 2012

Armistice Day surrounded by police and gendarmerie

November 11th is Armisitce Day. Armistice Day in Paris is honored with a military parade and the President of France laying wreaths during a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe. I love this day - apart from remembering those fallen or injured in World War I and other wars - Paris closes off all roads around the Place de l'Etoile. This allows for great bike riding with the kids.

We happen to live near the Arc de Triomph and even though there's a tinge of winter in the air I opened the windows up wide this morning to hear a rousing rendition of "La Marseillaise" being played by the band.

A totally empty Avenue Victor Hugo

The gendarmerie are out in full force in front of our doorstep

Looking right down Avenue Kleber

Looking left down Avenue Kleber

Seriously thinking about gate-crashing their party

A giant Tricolour flag under the Arc de Triomph

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