November 14, 2012

Window shopping à la Parisienne

Last year everybody was talking about Printemps' Christmas windows featuring Chanel. Mr Lagerfeld had personally designed the animated puppets - from ballerinas to air hostesses - to dance around the king of fashion, who himself stars in various forms from designer to photographer.

This holiday season Christian Dior is giving the iconic Parisian department store a New Look, decorating the Christmas windows in a tribute to the City of Lights. A sprinkling of holiday cheer comes in the form of dolls outfitted in iconic Dior pieces, decking the halls with jolly spirit against a backdrop of the French capital's legendary landmarks: ice skating at the Eiffel Tower, at a Tuileries Gardens-style fairground and taking in the sights from a hot air balloon drifting above the snowy Parisian rooftops.

Noel au Printemps

Enchanted children watching the puppets

A Winter Wonderland dream

Ice skating with her Dior handbag

Dancing around her watch

Dreaming about her perfume

Seventy-four puppets 
all handcrafted for the windows ...

... and each is outfitted in an iconic Dior piece

I'll have the candy floss!

A princess waiting to be carried off by her ...

... Prince Charming

From puppets to mannequins

Christian Dior's glamourous interpretation of Christmas

These pink Eiffel Tour pumps are going on my Christmas list for Santa... definately!

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