November 19, 2012

easyjet frequent flyer

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
St. Augustine

Duty is calling and I am on my way to Napoli to see my Italian famiglia for the weekend.

Is it worth blogging about? You bet, just trying to get there is an adventure every time. We religiously fly with easyjet, not that it were our preferred airline, it is, however, unbeatably the cheapest!

Why is it every time we fly to bella Napoli we run into hiccups? We have had endless delays, experienced cancelled flights, spent nights at airport hotels. One year they even lost our luggage over Christmas and we spent four days wearing the same jeans and turtlenecks.

This time - judging by the accents - the plane seems to be full of Neapolitans. I get the impression they are not frequent flighers! Some are complaining about people skipping the line not realizing that the secret is called Speedy Boarding. Subsequently this is kindly explained to them in French which of course nobody speaks!

We lost two of the passengers before we even boarded. They walked out towards the luggage claim instead of the plane! Screaming babies wherever you look. The bambinos are not used to being told off and all of them are having a tantrum at the same time, it would appear. I am getting a whiff of mozzarella panini mixed with dirty diapers.

All Italians like their food so the lunch trolly has taken a whole hour to make it half way down the aisle.

The Napolitani do make you feel at home, however. People walking up and down the passage way, standing around, chatting across five rows. I feel like I'm sitting in an Italian bar not a plane. The noise level underlines this ambiance.

An eldery elegant French lady just asked to change her seat and to sit next to another distinguished French couple because there was too much "toing and froing" going on.

At this point my hubby is slipping into his old habits and starts walking around ... with his sunglasses on, of course! As for myself, I have just been told NOT to use the WC because someone has tried to flush down a dirty diaper!!!!

When we finally land the flight assistant informs us that we will be allowed to use our cell phones as soon as we reach the terminal but rapidly has to acknowledge that everyone has already switched on their phone and is so busy into their conversation that no one is paying him any notice.

Benvenuti in Italia!

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