January 24, 2013

Meet me at the café

Today was one of those special days. A day I don't share with my family but with myself. A blogger's day. Now, I have met many people online through my blogs but every once in a while a mail lands in my inbox that hits me and I just know. I can't tell you what it is, nor explain why, but it just feels right.... I actually physically meet that person.

Is it a bloggers' thing or an Expat habit? I can't tell, but the fact of meeting a complete stranger and telling her all about your life seems as normal as it sounds absurd. That's exactly what I did today. Admittedly I had a slight advantage. She didn't know that I knew who she was or at least what her business was. Turns out I had taken a photography tour with one of her colleagues last year and recognized her name when she contacted me. Why would she contact me, you are wondering? So was I at first! I'd like to flatter myself and think she enjoys my blog posts. It felt a bit like going on a blind date but we did have something in common: our curiosity that got us here in the first place!

Having settled around a tiny coffee table in a laid back, trendy retro-bar in the Marais we exchanged our personal info. I confessed that I had actually not only been on one of her company's photo tours but that I was also signed up for next Tuesday's tour. I watched as she put two and two together, i.e connecting the client with the blogger she had been following, culminating in her hearty laughter. She got a real kick out of this realization and made me giggle since I had had the same reaction a week earlier upon receiving her mail.

Now, of all the bloggers in Paris, what are the chances she would contact the one blogger that had - out of all the city's photography tours - ferreted out her lovely buisness?

It's a small world or could it be destiny?

Picture taken of that same bar in May 2012
during our photography tour


  1. I think it's more an expat habit than a blogger's thing. Being a foreigner makes you more open to meeting new people and "connecting" with them, even when you haven't actually seen them, than you would if your were in your "home" country. My very best friend was also a blind date, set up by email :)

  2. I guess you're right. Anything goes and you've got nothing to lose. ;)


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