January 8, 2013

The lady is back in town...

After a long Christmas break we came back to face the music on Sunday. Do I dare admit that it actually felt good being back in Paris? What is wrong with me? Am I FINALLY (after 18 months)  starting to feel at home in this city? Or is it just the fact that I have spent the last ten days sunbathing in the Caribbean and sipping exotic cocktails under the palmtrees?

Having survived our first year in France and lived through the long winter months I convinced my hubby that we would have to take a raincheck on our annual end-of-the-year skiing holidays and book a place in the sun. Much to my suprise he accepted! November, December and January are what I call "The dark months" in Paris where shades of grey only turn darker under constant drizzle, drabness and dreariness. The good news is that the number of tourists drop drastically and you can actually manage to take a decent photograph of the Eiffel Tour.

Well, this year we were watching the Eiffel tower's lights sparkle up at midnight on a small screen TV in Guadeloupe where the local time was 7pm. 380'000 people at Place de Trocadero celebrating in the rain and I had my toes stuck in the white sand! What a satisfaction! Not that I am trying to make anybody jealous but believe me it is sooooo worth the trip to follow the sun. Think about it for next year. It will definately keep me going for the next couple of months along with my invidious suntan that I am showing off to brighten the various shades of gray!


  1. Great post. I'm totally with you - who wants to go on a ski vacation when one can go on a "follow-the-sun" vacation instead! Simpler (just compare putting on all that heavy ski gear not just on you but also on the kids to putting on bathing suits :) and definitely more invigorating. The "sunshine effect" should not be underestimated - you have accumulated and brought home with you a lot of positive energy that should last for a while!
    (I am also surprised that the request was granted. Maybe I should give it a try too next year ;) Welcome back!


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