January 29, 2013

The Parisian dresscode is catching up with me..

My mother still gets upset with me every time we move. She believes I morph into a local every time. I change my style and don't keep my own personality, she claims.

I cannot let that sit on me because I KNOW I have my personal style, BUT I can't help thinking of her as I stride down the avenues of Paris catching glimpes of my reflection in the shop windows. I love bright colours, especially pink, but I have resigned to wearing black like everybody else does in this city. I don't particularly wish to dress like everybody else, nor am I a fashion victim but I have to admit that no colour is more elegant than black, plus it is slimming (at least optically).

I am dressed all in black like all Parisians with just the slightest touch of pink. I have taken to wearing high heels even in the snow and have a fluffy (black) fur collar bouncing up and down around my face. I don't walk out the door without my fuchsia or deep plum lipstick (depending on my mood) and my nails are painted a deep dark purple. Does that sound Parisian to you? It sure isn't the way I ran around in Lugano.

But as Mum ALSO says: in the end, the most important factor is that my family and I are happy! And we are! In the meantime, just let me perfect my Parisian accent....


  1. (I realize this is an older post.). Just wanted to say to think of yourself as an artist expressing yourself in different cultural mediums, good luck! And thanks for your blog.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words.


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