January 22, 2013

I love Paris when it snows...

Most people are complaining about the snow. I am revelling in it, literally. Ok, a big city full of snow is not ideal but it sure is fun and brings a welcome new variable into Parisian routine. No, no I am NOT complaining about my Parisian routine... heaven forbid!

I love Paris when it snows because:

- the beautiful but grey buildings brighten up under the white flakes
- the Art Nouveau metro signs and lamp posts look so romantic with their fluffy white coat
- there is no traffic
- parking places are to be found easily throughout the ccity
- I have winter tyres on my car, yessss!
- driving through the snow makes me feel like I'm back home in Switzerland
- a snowball fight with my kids makes me feel much younger than I am
- the chic Parisiennes walking their dogs in fur coats and neon gym shoes make me smile
- I looove running through the Bois de Boulogne in the snow

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