January 28, 2013

Dali's muse for an instant...

Les flaneuses parisiennes ventured out to the Centre Pompidou today to catch a glimpse of the Salvador Dalì exhibition. And a glimpse it truely was... due to the enooooormous quantity of spectators who were trying to do the same. Too bad, I was kind of getting used to the city practically void of tourists but I guess they were all hiding in the museums waiting for better weather.

Many, many years ago - driving through Catalunya - I missed the opportunity of visiting Dalí's Museum in Figueras. I still remember what it looks like from the outside and it has intrigued me until this day.

After visiting this exhibition I am convinced Dalí was a wacky, obsessed, super-creative, clever and egocentric genius. It seemed to me, he had an obsession with insects (ants, flys, etc) and his pictures involve either food, drink or women. He certainly had his priorities straight. Studying a portait of a nude man you can tell that Dalí masters the techniques of drawing and not only the abstract surrealism that he is famous for.

Like a breath of fresh air amongst the Haussmannian architecture this exhibition fit perfectly inside the modern structure of the Centre Pompidou.

And if I ever dreamt of being a muse for one of Dali's masterpieces, well - much to my delight - my dream came true....

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