November 26, 2014

La Creation à l'italienne

The Italian Embassy in Paris opened its doors for an exhibit entitled "La Création". What better way to define a collection of young Italian craftsmen showcasing their uniqueness of talent?

As I walked through the stately building which was originally called the Hotel de la Rochefoucault-Doudeauville and built in 1733, I admired the ballroom with mannequins on the stage modelling skirts made of foliage.

The cosiest place seemed to be the library called The Sicilian Theatre. It was brought over from the Butera Palace in Palermo by the Duke Lanza di Branciforte di Camastra for his bride Rose Ney d' Elchingen. 

The staircase was designed by Henry Parent in Louis XV style with marble in seven colors while the walls were adorned with Gobelins tapestries.

This contemporary accessory fits right in with the decor - it's called style

Delicate bijouterie sparkling against the sunset

Elegant collection of handcrafted coats

Sophisticated electrical bicycles made in Milano

It was a special day dedicated to the past, the present and the future 
of Italian style of life and savour-faire

One of the guests decided to park right across the road without buying a parking ticket. He's in for a surprise.

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