July 21, 2017

A hot lazy Summer day

What do you do on a hot Summer day when the thermometer hits 40°C in Madrid?

You hang around in the air-conditioned living room with your teenage kids because they rock.

You decide to treat your teenagers for a milkshake in a cool (air-conditioned) diner.

You hit the mall and buy some pink flamingo lights... just because!

You decide which bikini to wear because this is today's most important decision to take!

Finally, you hang out at the pool with a good book since your kids have shared enough time with Mummy today and are listening to their music.

July 18, 2017

Busy in Madrid

Our second home is Madrid. Well, if I am honest it is where I'd like to live all year round. Although we left this city over ten years ago it still feels like we've never actually really moved away. But, it's complicated... life gets in the way... and before you know it you've landed in another place and start all over again.

Nevertheless, we have managed to hang on to a little slice of Spanish lifestyle and we savour every moment of the summer weeks we spend here. Viva España! 

You know you've arrived in Spain when the Osborne bull crosses your path.

 As every year... just in time to celebrate my birthday with my BBFs... in style!

The annual visit to Warner Bros Park is a promise I have kept to my kids for over a decade.

You can never have enough pool time!

A bit of exercise won't hurt, especially when the tennis courts are PiNk!

Some creative activity all in the spirit of Peace and LOVE!

July 15, 2017

Ibiza and friends

When your Andalusian friend invites you to celebrate her birthday in Ibiza you know it will be an unforgettable experience. 

... when you know that la reina del flamenco and her French husband have travelled the world and their friends are as outgoing as you are therefore it is guaranteed to be a brilliant weekend.

... when you know the Paella and the Cava will be served in abundance and the good vibes will be flowing freely. 

... when you know the International crowd will easily mix with the Spanish family and friends and have the entire restaurant dancing on the tables ... at lunchtime!

... when you know the sunshine, the food, the music and the ambiance entices you to party and have a fabulous time. 

... when you know the long hot summer days at the beach will be followed by a Mediterranean sunset cruise in the evening breeze. 

... when you know that Ibiza stands for peace and love and at our age that is just what you enjoy most!

Our own private little "swimming pool" surrounded by ancient fisher huts

The cava is cool and we can start the party!

The dishes are exotic, creative and tasty

Who needs WIFI when you have friends?

Not only the flamingos are lounging in the sun

Exploring the interior countryside of Ibiza

The parish church dedicated to Saint Augustine and was built in 1786 and the only church on the island facing to the west instead of the east.

San Agustín is one of the best-preserved villages on the island that is a slice of the real Ibiza, and a very tranquil one at that.

Enjoying the sunset cruise off the coast of San Antonio

July 14, 2017

Happy Bastille Day

It is France's birthday today. Usually this French National holiday goes unnoticed in our family since we are sitting in the sweltering Spanish heat this time of year but due to a rather important guest of honour the world has it's eyes on Paris today.

Once again thanks to Donald Trump who attracts so much media attention the world now knows what Bastille Day is just like the globe followed the US election and received a lesson on the American voting system due to all the press coverage.

My kids could not believe their ears when Expat hubby pulled out his tablet after lunch declaring he wanted to watch a recap of the July 14th parade along the Champs-Elysées, the highlight of the French national holiday celebrations. Every year in the morning - since 1880, almost without exception - the spotlight is on the French military regiments as they parade down the avenue.

Later in the day, the focus will be shifting to the eagerly-awaited fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower at which point we will probably devouring our Jamon Iberico and Croquetas along with some Tinto de verano on our terrace enjoying the evening breeze after a scorching 40°C hot day...

... and if we have enough Tinto de verano, we might even sing "La Marseillaise"

July 13, 2017

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