July 18, 2017

Busy in Madrid

Our second home is Madrid. Well, if I am honest it is where I'd like to live all year round. Although we left this city over ten years ago it still feels like we've never actually really moved away. But, it's complicated... life gets in the way... and before you know it you've landed in another place and start all over again.

Nevertheless, we have managed to hang on to a little slice of Spanish lifestyle and we savour every moment of the summer weeks we spend here. Viva España! 

You know you've arrived in Spain when the Osborne bull crosses your path.

 As every year... just in time to celebrate my birthday with my BBFs... in style!

The annual visit to Warner Bros Park is a promise I have kept to my kids for over a decade.

You can never have enough pool time!

A bit of exercise won't hurt, especially when the tennis courts are PiNk!

Some creative activity all in the spirit of Peace and LOVE!

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