November 9, 2012

Rain, rain go away!

Well, we haven't even been back in Paris for 48 hours and the rain is drizzling down on us....AGAIN.

I am not the complaining type but can't we have even a little break from this dreary Parisian weather pattern?

Oh gosh, I am sounding terribly British going on about the weather, aren't I?

All truth be told, the Parisian weather is as bad as in England only the French don't talk about it all the time like the Brits do!!!
If it's sunny in the morning undoubtedly the drizzle will have set in by end afternoon OR vice-versa; if it rains at the beginning of the day chances are you'll see some rays of sun by the end of it.

Oh, isn't it just so boring to rant on about the weather? But then again I AM half-British. In any case I am fed up of having to run around with my brollie in my handbag EVERY day!

On the positive side, all this rain has given me the perfect excuse to buy yet another pair of shoes: black, shearling cuffed, ankle Hunter boots WITH wedge heels..... ahhh, Paris c'est Paris!


  1. Just love your boots!

  2. I wore them so much last winter they might not survive the next one. ;)
    However, I received many a compliment on my boots from the French.


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