June 23, 2013

Your journey has only just begun...

They say sometimes you meet people too late in life. I never really understood the meaning of this statement until today.

Sitting at her breakfast table this Sunday morning - over a spontanous cup of coffee - giggling about our in-laws, it hit me. She has no idea how much I will miss her.

A tall blond Roman girl (she has not hit her 40's yet, lucky her!) had arrived to Paris the same time as I. Her daughter was in Expat girl's grade albeit not in the same class so it took us some time to get to know one another.

For a year we greeted each other with a smile at school drop-off and it wasn't until I insisted she'd join our little flaneuse group to visit the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Porte de Versaille that she actually dared to join us and we ended up having lunch together.

Un encanto... there is no better way of describing my new flaneuse companion, I thought at the time. The flaneuses met roughly once a week to explore Paris. Slowly our new-formed group of seven (one had already gone back to the States) began to know each other better.

It was not until this spring, however, that I have really discovered my Roman friend. I'd like to believe it is her personality, that the more I uncovered it, the more it grew on me. (I am convinced she has a Swiss ancestor somewhere down the line.) A smile here, a wink there and a feeling that we are on the same wave length.

So when - over yet another cup of coffee - she announced that she would be leaving Paris by the end of the month all I could do - between tears and sniffs - is wish her the best of luck and give her lots of (hopefully) useful tips for her Nomad Expat life that lies ahead of her and her family.

I can't help but feel we had too little time to get to know each other. We could have gone on soo many more Parisian adventures together and exchanged pieces of advice about our loving "familia politica".

Now, it feels like Cinderella is leaving the ball at midnight when the party is just getting started.

Until we meet at the next party my friend. I will miss you!!!


  1. One time I met a woman. She seemed to look at me as we already knew each other since a long time.
    I didn t know yet she would have changed my life in a such better way. She left a sign in my heart that fortunately I will never be able to delete. She is an american italian switzerland french beautiful woman capable to transmit the emotions and to let the others people know to be important for her.
    I m very lucky for having met you.I m a little roman that discovered, to be a world citizen also because of you.
    I ll keep you in my heart like a treasure and when I miss you it will be enough to think about your smile that says: ohh wow life is amazing.
    Grazie, mia cara amica

  2. What a bittersweet post. Beautiful. I hope the two of you manage to stay in touch. Friendships can continue to blossom from afar.

  3. Somehow, deep down, I know we will! ;)


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