June 5, 2013

Dynamo - Light & Motion in Art

A century of light and motion in art, from 1913 to 2013, was the title of the Dynamo exhibition at the Grand Palais, a show that brought together major works that deal with light and motion. The two main parts ‘Vision’ and ‘Space’ were divided into 16 subsections dealing with various aspects of phenomenal experience: immateriality, monochrome, interference, immersion, flickering, haziness, instability, distortion, the void, the invisible and permutation, from artists including Ann Veronica Janssens, Anish Kapoor, John Armleder, Carsten Höller, and Xavier Veilhan.

Here is a selection of my favourite photos:

Entering the Grand Palais wondering what is wrong with the fountain?

Visual impressions

Contemporary Art

Lights in the fog

Colourful interpretation of neon lights 

Modern version of a garden fence?

An empty corner to decorate in your house?

Multicolours is what I like

Shadow games



Transparent colours

Lost in the medium of space

Lost in the medium of motion

Lost in the medium of movement

Abstract selfportrait

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