February 6, 2013

Time to say goodbye

Tonight is a sad night. Expat girl found out that her best friend is leaving Paris.... this Friday. It has come as a big shock to her and to me. What upsets my daughter most is that she feels she does not have enough time to say goodbye. It breaks my heart to see how brave my 9-year old is trying to be. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking about the departure of a really cool family.

Change is part of Expat life. It is very stimulating to travel the world, discover new cultures, learn foreign languages and make extraordinary friends.

The hard part is that you need to say goodby when the party is the most fun. When you finally feel you know a person, it is time to bid farewell. It is just not fair. Yes, Expat girl is right, it is just not fair.

You wonder why we do it time and time again. Why can't we just settle down in one place forever? We HAVE tried, we really did. On the other hand, we are Global nomads as well as Third Culture people, this is our life and we love the stimulation a new move promises each time. Unfortunately, saying goodbye is part of it.

I am sure it is not easy for Expat girl's little friend either, but she will always have a friend in my daughter, as her mum will in me.

The tough work starts now, friendship needs to be nurtured just like a flower. It cannot bloom without attention, care and love.

I am sure our plant will bloom even in cold, wintery Norway.


  1. No need to say that friendship has no frontiers... a friend is forever and will stay with you in your heart wherever you go

  2. That is true. It is also true that friendships need to be cultivated and looked after. However, it is so much easier to do so with all this modern technology, even for the kids!


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