February 6, 2013

Spaceslimers in action

Today I was one of the three lucky parent who got picked to accompany Expat girl's class to the Paris science museum much to my daughter's delight. Yes, we have a good group of active and enthousistic parents in our grade and we take turns in monitoring our kids on field trips. In the back of my mind I am wondering if we are not just all control freaks that want to make sure our 10-year olds don't get lost?!?

However, the older the children the easier it gets. I can remember a fieldtrip, years back, when all 40 kindergartners needed the loo at the same time!!!

We trekked off to visit Paris's enormous science museum with seven kids each under our chaperonage. We left after their first morning French lesson. The kids were amazingly quite on the bus. Boy, either their grade teacher has them sorted or else their French teacher has them trained to perfection.

No traffic jams, no incidents of any sorts and 20 minutes later we are walzing into the Planetarium with well-behaved 40 kids.

Once arrived at the Science Museum, we could hardly hold them back. They wanted to see everything at once. After a while we gathered inside the Planetarium. When was the last time you've sat in a Planetarium? The seats are as comfortable as a in business class plane if not better. I was actually considering having a little snooze when I remembered I had a little group of 7 to keep busy while waiting for the show to start. What better idea than to have a competition on who comes up with the best name for our group? We settled on Spaceslimers, a term that girls and boys could agree on.

I had my team and the kids launched into their adverture of constallations as Captains Spaceslimers of the Universe.

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