April 5, 2013

My friend is back in town

How to describe the feeling when you meet up with a really good friend who lives many miles away?

The taste is bitter sweet. The moment of that first embrace - which for me ALWAYS is accompanied by tears - is soooo sweet. The German language has an expression for this emotion "richtig warm ums Herz" meaning it warms your heart, however, I feel the English translation never quite captures that exact feeling.

Then follows the happiness of looking into your friend's eyes - smiling, happy eyes - rather than having to squint into the computer via skype.

And then the sadness of realizing this moment will only remain an instant in time. Before I know it she'll be back on the other side of the ocean again.

I am not prone to melancholy but seeing my "old" friends always makes me sentimental. Usually it does not take long for me to fall into a cosy conversation. Over glass of wine (or two) we settle into the living room sofa or hug the kitchen table to catch up on the past months or even years in an hour or two before we get to the juicier bits... either gossip or family affairs!

It does not really matter how much time we have together - a day or a week - it is enough to rekindle the feeling of familiarity that allows us to tease each other and makes us giggle even at tiniest recollections of past shared adventures.

Then comes the feeling of being back on track again with your buddy. She gets you and you get her. We've reconnected, we are good!

A little quick lunch to see her off the day before she departs and eventhough the sadness is back, the feeling is good because we have enkindled our bond and the fire of friendship is burning strong again.

Bon voyage my friend.


  1. A bientot!!! So great to reconnect and catch up in person. Glad we got multiple meals and moments to walk and talk and laugh (and, yes, cry a little) Miss you already! xoxoxo

  2. I'll be waiting here for you when you come back next time, mon amie.


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