April 30, 2013

A very proud Mummy

We were sitting around a table in an Italian pizzeria in the 15th arrondissement. It was a family reunion to celebrate Expat girls' excellent performance in her school show.

Expat girl was brimming with happiness, bathing in all the attention she was receiving.

All of Expat boys' interest lies in football and football only... at least for the time being...

What better moment to coax my boy into volunteering for the upcoming Secondary School play? Enwrapped by the theatrical vibes of the evening and captivated by the family's enthusiasm he agreed to audition and proptly got the part of a knight!

And then the fight began, he complained about the play, he moaned how he didn't get to say his lines because the others needed more practice, he whined that he had to sacrifice his lunch hours and he was furious he had to get up early three Saturdays in a row for rehearsals.

Finally the big moment came and the entire family, including Nonna from Italy and our much-loved nanny all took their seats in the audience excitedly waiting for THE knight to appear on stage.

Of couse I am totally biased and he will always be my big baby, but boy, did Expat boy look handsome in his dark blue and gold-laced costume?! His posture was worthy of a knight and his stance truly Italian macho, therefore the combination resulted in a brilliant performance. Most importantly, while watching him, I actually felt as if he was enjoying the show.

As my boy and I were walking along the boulevard towards the Italian pizzeria nearby to celebrate his performance, he wispered something into my ear that put an enormous smile of happiness on my face. What did he say? "Mummy, it was all worth it!"

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