April 11, 2013

A passion for chocolate

Today I went off on a chocolate tour, the second one since I've arrived in Paris. Sadly we visted three chocolatiers that I had already stepped into on the previous tour and the last pâtissier had been unveiled during our Flaneuses macaron tour. Not to worry, I did get to taste some exquisite chocolates and take a few cool choco pictures that I am considering in making into giant wall posters. Might that be taking my love for chocolate a step too far?

Cocoa pods at Maison du chocolat

Ganache covered orange-chocolate delicacy at 10 o'clock in the morning 

The perfect packaging

Zooming in for some pralines

Present for my hubby

Dessert for the kids

Jean-Paul Hevin's stiletto goes for a mere 58 Euros but only fits a size 35

An exotic bonbon hidden in Patrick Roger's chocolate box

To tempting to resist

A treat for myself to take home from Hugo & Victor

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