April 22, 2013

Just a regular lesson in Paris

I finally plucked up the courage to launch myself into a computer course today. For years I've been meaning to get some formal training in blogging and coding.

On a chilly morning I trekked out to the 12th arrondissement - full of car concessionaires as far as I could tell - to enter a little house brimming with vintage that you'll only find in Paris. From Atari video game console from 1980, a mac with floppy disks from 1984, jukeboxes from the 60s, bar furniture from the 70's, a plastic mannequin Darth Vader to paintings of Lenin speaking to the crowds. Turns out it used to be a butcher shop.

This place was definately talking to me, I knew at that instant I had chosen the right course of the hundreds offered on the net. Even if I weren't to learn a single thing, this location had character and had been worth the trip.

Turns out, the other partcipants were not a bunch of housewives looking for a past time as I had feared but four entrepreneurs searching to expand their business activity.

It felt like a breath of fresh air to meet new people who live in a utterly different world and dive into their interests and hear their opinions on life. The view of a cool graphist from Tours, a PR power woman from the banlieu (suburbs), a Marketing specialist launching a new business and young consultant full of illusions can give you a whole new take on Paris. Forget the Expat bubble for a day.

The course was informative but not eye-opening but then again I did not expected anything else. The company and the inspiration that came from its participants made it a day that will leave a strong imprint on my stay here in Paris.


  1. Good for you. Sounds like a great day.

  2. Certainly one I won't forget. ;)


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