April 21, 2013

Let me believe ... just for a moment

A real treat was in store for me today and I don't mean the sunshine. Eventhough, today's weather in itself would be worth an entire blogpost as we FINALLY enjoyed a sunny, warm day after six months of grim, grey, drab conditions and I am NOT exaggerating!

However, I had planned for a family outing to the most mythical Parisian palace. I would be a princess if only for a second. And sure enough, walking in through the beautiful revolving door of the Hotel Crillon, I found myself immediately carried to the 18th century décor of Louis XV, with numerous types of Italian marble and Baccarat crystal chandeliers. The doorman, the flowers arrangements, the scent of luxury all transported me into another world ... if only for a minute.

Soon enough, the shoving and pushing of the people behind us brought me back to reality with a crash.

This legendary palace is closing its doors to write the next chapter of its illustrious history... not for good ... the grand reopening is scheduled for 2015. But before the final curtain call, the Parisian hotel was put on display for the public to live a piece of it's magic. We were allowed to browse through certain rooms and areas to admire the antique furniture, lamps, silver and porcelain, as well as fine wines and spirits that will be among the 3,500 lots for auction next week.

The Hotel Crillon has a reputation as one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Internationally renowned since 1909, this historic residence was built in 1775 and acquired in 1788 by the Comte de Crillon. It has continually welcomed heads of state and celebrities, from cinema and fashion. The most famous suite is Louis XVI.

The Crillon is also known for the annual "Bal des Débutantes", a media event that brings together the daughters of celebrities, aristocrats, artists and politicians. The "Debs" make their couture and media premieres in gowns designed by French haute couture as well as French and foreign couture houses.

This is as close as I'll ever get to royalty life-style, but even that has come to an end... at least for the moment! No doubt, there will soon be a yearning for the fairy-tale to continue.

A typical Crillon suite recreated in the Salle de Marie Antoinette

Perfect place for a book nook

Bouquet and vase are a perfect match to drapes and settee

Suite reserved for artists and stars for after-concert treats

Suite Louis XV for the king who commissioned this hotel in 1758

Louis XV Bedroom Suite

The table where my friend invited me to good-by lunch before she moved back to the US

Dedication to the Comte de Crillon

What colour will the new awnings be?

Last one turn the lights off, please!

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