February 17, 2013

BFFs on tour with BPP - Better Photos Paris

Today is the Flaneuses' Creative Editor's birthday. Her passion? Photography and Paris. What better way to celebrate than to take her off on a tour with Better Paris Photos. I had been on one of their tours last year and loved our guide's personality, attitude, sense of humour and professionalism.

We set up a meeting point at Anvers metro station. We had a different guide this time. A bubbly character called Manon greeted us with a charming Canadian accent. She turned out to be a little lady with a big smile and an infinite source of information and tips on how to make the most out of your camera. I discovered that even my pink little pocket Sony can produce miracles given the right treatment.

Huddled next to the majestic steps leading to the Sacre Coeur trying to protect ourselves and our cameras from the rain, Manon showed us what we have in our hands. Her flowery, technical explantions were so explicit that even we - complete laymen - could understand them.

She sent us off to take some pictures of the nearby carrousel and then gave us lots of positive critisism. She told us to use our bodies and bend our knees.

After slowly making our way up to the Sacre Coeur snapping an infinity of shots we decided to take a break because the weather was just too cold. But our lesson continued with instructions of how to take a perfect indoor photo. We continued to take pictures of one another with lots of giggling going on, until after much trail and error, we managed to get a decent shot with the proper background, the right lighting and a dignified portrait.

Manon shared a passionate talk about photography and helped us open our eyes to discover new surroundings. Her motto: "Garder un esprit flexible dans nos pensées" (Maintain a flexible spirit while thinking). I really like that approach. It turns out to be a perfect description of our Expat life.

Mille mercis Manon for a wonderful photographic tour of our cameras and our minds. We all thoroughly enjoyed sharing your knowledge and professionalism and lots of laughs in between.

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