February 18, 2013

Dances with wolves...

I could get used to this lifestyle. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. My friends at this point are thinking: "Yeah, right? What else is new? Come back down to earth, girl."

Ok, ok. I admit I get carried away at times but wouldn't you if you were to be introduced to THE bodyguard.

Being at the right place at the right time, yet again, hubby and I had been invited to a lovely lunch to meet the new Italian ambassador to France. His father-in-law was the most charming table companion and I enjoyed an animated conversation reaching from Italy's reunification in 1861 to the pope's resignation last week.

Some commotion made me look around to find THE bodyguard in person approaching our table. Photos were taken and smiles exchanged. Now I am not prone to fall under the spell of superstars - unless of course it were Robert Redford - but Kevin Costner produced quite a stir with the ladies at our table. After having taken pictures of my friends together with Mr.Costner I politely handed the cameras back and sat down again. At his point even my hubby insited I take a photo with Kevin Costner! If I must ...

We were introduced and I asked him: "How do you think I could manage to get you and my husband in a picture?" Mr Costner smiled and invited my gorgeous hubby to take a photo all together.

Believe me, I was not dancing with the wolves any longer, I was the cat that had gotten the cream!!!!

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