February 8, 2013

A secret Parisian garden

Where else would the Flaneuses' press officer have us meet but at the Museum de la Poste? Before we even entered the exhibition she had bought a booklet of collector's stamps. An aficionada of street art she was determined to catch a glimps of the (in)famous Invader's pieces of art and video on display in the 15th arrondissement.

Moving on swiftly we walked around the block to the Musée Bourdelle. What a surprise....

"... You hid, children at the foot of the dark laurel tree,
Concealed beneath its great cloak of shade,
When I passed by, yesterday, on my way to the city.
And I saw you, I saw your beauty,
Like wine for the eyes, I drank it in long draughts."
(Sappho of Lesbos, 7th and 8th century B.C.)

Antoine Bourdelle's yard hidden in the midst of high raising ugly housing blocks in the shadow of the huge Montparnasse tower felt like an enchanted secret garden filled with oversized bronze sculptures. We were in awe of his art and his home. We were to learn that M.Bourdelle was hired by Rodin as a "praticien" (sculptor's assistant) in 1893 and 17 years later founded a free sculpture school in Montparnasse with Rodin and the sculptor Desbois.

With our tummies rumbling we rushed off to our next RDV at l'Atelier des Chefs where in 60 minutes flat the chef teaches you how to cook a dish AND you get to eat it. On the menu today was "filet de volaille parfumé au pain d'épice cuit rapidement au four afin de conserver tout son moelleux, servi avec des pommes de terre et des échalotes confites". It tasted as good as it sounds ... trust me!

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