September 19, 2014

Sit down and listen for a while...

What is it about girl power that invigorates you and puts you back on track just when you need it most?

Feeling a little shaky after my car accident I reluctantly accepted to meet my Latina girlfriends for a coffee after sorting paperwork out at the police station.

Oh boy, I felt so much better after four hugs and a good laugh over a café con leche! The tension had lessened and my brain was thinking about something other than just that scary impact.

A week later, a group whatsapp message went out and within two hours we had reunited seven girls of what my hubby calls the "Sex in the City" ladies for yet another café con leche. This time, it was my Nutrition blogger friend who needed to get her worries off her chest, to vent some anger and count on the moral support and unconditional love of her amigas.

It worked, she walked off an hour later with a big smile on her face ready to enjoy her upcoming holiday.

Sometimes a session in the gym just doesn't do the job even if you'd like to think so!


  1. Love it! Love it!! so true my dear friend. Thank you for many cafés con leche, and more to come!!!


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