September 26, 2014

On the Nordic nature trail...

I am clearly a city girl but sometimes... I wonder?

It is on a day like this, out in the nature blessed with blue skies and kissed by the sun when - deep down - I realise I am after all my mother's daughter.

Surely, it has to do with the fact that I grew up in Switzerland. But also because my mum did drag us into the mountains every spring and fall to go hiking, she did rent a chalet in the most remote area of the alps year after year and took us cross country skiing up the glacier. If we wanted to go skiing we needed to walk down the valley 3km with our skis on our backs in our ski boots. Clearly we had to make our way back up at the end of the day. No cars allowed! No excuses accepted!

This week, while the kids are off on a fieldtrip, I decided to take a little vacation myself and visit friends in Sweden. After living side by side for years in Madrid, I can now finally picture them in their new home near Göteborg.

Their surroundings are very far removed from Paris' city frenzy but I detect similarities with the lifestyle we used to lead in Lugano.

Following my friend's recommendation, I took off for a 6km run around a lake hidden somewhere in the woods of Gotland!

I gave up running about half-way around the lake because the panorama was just too breathtaking to rush through it. I wanted to enjoy every moment.
I climbed up rocks, stumbled over roots, walked around fallen tree trunks, slid down the slippery path, skipped over muddy patches following the dirt track through the thick woodland. Every now and then I'd come across a little sunny spot where the shrubs opened up onto the water.

It is moments like this morning, when I stop to look around, taking in the wonders of nature that surround me, thanking my Mum for instilling the appreciation and admiration of nature in me so many years ago!

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