September 20, 2014

A regular week in Paris

The past three weeks might have been the best ones in Paris so far. It started with the weather. Paris in the sunshine is beautiful and such a treat! We've enjoyed a September of blue skies and temperatures that literally encourage you to walk around in skirts and sleeveless tops. Oh, and I finally get to wear my beloved Castañer plateau sandals every day!

Lots of back-to-school activities have kept the family busy and it is nice to see a few familiar faces at the Secondary school entrance. Soon even the most ardent parents won't be accompanying their youngsters anymore... the Primary school days are definitely over.

The Parisians are in a good mood, all trying to hang on to the unexpected tail-end of summer and after a week of dressing in black, the dress code has gone colourful again, at least until now!

The cultural agenda is in full swing after the very quiet month of August and I have dove into it with gusto:

Back in Paris

A first-day-of-school photo session beneath the Tour Eiffel

A quick morning coffee at Carette

Avenue Montaigne knows how to kick-start the shopping season

A stroll around the Bienale 2014 at the spectacular Grand Palais

Running my 4th Parisienne

Dragging my hubby off to the Stade de France. Can't miss Beyoncé and Jay-Z!

My old, familiar jog through the Bois de Boulogne 

A Flamenco guitar recital at the Cervantes Institute

Today's colour combination: purple with brown

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