June 16, 2013

Italian plus French equals American???

Cinema Paradiso... an Italian classic! Combine this with Le Grand Palais, a Parisian Classic, and what do you get? A weird mix of American paraphernalia from the 1980s it seems.

The idea of a drive-in cinema under the dome of the Grand Palais - currently the largest existing ironwork and glass structure in the world - sounded tempting. The notion of sitting in a vintage Fiat 500 while watching "Greace" or "La Boum" made it irresistable. I bought tickets online the minute they were on sale.

Walking into the large lobby of the Grand Palais I was hit with Reece's peanut butter cups, marshmallow fluff and other wonderful American gourmet food. I am thinking: "Where does this fit in with Cinema Paradiso?"

Next, I come across an Amercian diner set up under the glass dome with a vintage Coca Cola pin-up girl smiling at me. NOW, I am confused.... but not disappointed. It is just not what I had expected.

Venturing past the smell of hamburgers and pop corn I discover a rollerblade rink, if that is what you can call a portion of bare concret floor sectioned off by a huge wall with a DJ installation blaring out 80's disco music.

Uhhh, I think I am getting my brain around this Cinema Paradiso concept (not a very clear one but never mind) and I'm starting to like this place. Donna Summer here I come! ;)

Tucked away to one corner I locate rows of video game machines from the 80's. Boy, does Pac-Man bring back memories from when we were young.

However, the piece-de-resistance MUST be the Barbie football table. Now, WHY didn't they have that when I was growing up? In my days getting your hands on a 24cm wide pink plastic Barbie swimming pool was a luxury, not the mention the pink camper. Oops, I'm giving away my age...that was the 70's!!!

I have still to return to Cinema Paradiso this week to watch "La Boum", a French Classic from 1980 starring Sophie Marceau. Will my Fiat 500 be pink???

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