January 20, 2013

Keep calm and go running

Yet another rainy day in Paris ... oh, what a surprise? This week's outlook looked nippy but on Sunday night I made up my mind to continue running throughout the week defiying the elements.

Monday was warmer than expected, maybe the fact that I had the brainwave of wearing my teenaged son's Under Armour Cold Wear made a difference after all? Why didn't I think of this earlier?

Tuesday was grey and drizzly but hey, who is going to stop me?

Wednesday I got up and checked my weather app which stated a mere -4ªC. Should I or should I not? It is not snowing or raining... so, off I went. I did not regret it. It was one of the most spectacular morning jogs ever.

Thursday I took the day off running and went for a stroll through the Louvre ... although a jog through the park looked extremly tempting.

Friday I was offically hooked on running. Only an absolute addict would venture out in these conditions of sleet, ice and snow. Who needs the metro anyway???

Because from now on my motto is:

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