April 2, 2012

A new food experience

"A frog in a well does not know the great sea."
Japanese proverb meaning: People are satisfied to judge things by their own narrow experience, never knowing of the wide world outside.

Today I took my son to explore a Japanese supermarket accompanied by my foodie friend - whose grandmother is Japanese - and her son. That in itself would not be so bad if my son weren’t of Italian heritage. Italians like their food, they like it cooked, they like it done the way their mamma cooks it and they like to eat what they know. The Italians are fantastic explorers, travelers and improvisers but they are not very flexible when it comes to food. My friend guided us through the exotic fresh produce, the aisles of colourful, unfamiliar-looking cans and the frozen food section of bizarre looking bags. My son ended up choosing a pot of Banana jam...but just because I made him pick something!

But wait, our adventure did not end here. We were taking our boys out to lunch after having completed the parents-teacher conferences. What they did not know was that they had to cook it themselves before they could devour it. My boy was in a state of shock. La Mamma is suppose to cook NOT the son!!!!!

Arrived at L'Atelier des Chefs the young and kid-friendly chef welcomed us with white plastic aprons et voilà we were ready to prepare our lunch à la francaise.

Diligently Expat boy cut the carrots and the zucchini but gave up at the champignons (he hates) and flately refused to prepare the filet of duck. He could not get his head around the fact that he was about to eat duck!

The express cooking class was great. It took 30 minutes to prepare and then we all sat around a long wooden table with a glass of vino (for the adults) and feasted on our honey-balsamico glazed duck with wok stir-fry vegetables.

Click here for the recipe: Filet de canard laqué au miel de soja et balsamique, wok de légumes de saison

Expat boy was ecstatic to be able to run off and play football with his pals for the rest of the day!


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