March 14, 2014

Think, foncionnaire, think!!!

Why is it that the French foncionnaires (civil servants) can never get it right? Is that they don't care, they don't think or they just simply cannot manage their job task? By definition a foncionnaire does not need to do a whole load of thinking but please DO bring your brains to work.

The latest episode has me up in arms again. A simple transaction, a click on the new revolutionary public health internet site and the ordering of a simple card. What could possibly go wrong? So why have I received only three European medical cards rather than four? Going back online to order a fourth for my daughter, the system - needless to say - denies my request since I have already ordered one in her name. Yes.....but did I receive it!?! Nooooooo.

Just to mention a few past hick-ups:
When ordering our French public health card (Carte Vitale) we received three rather than four. Am I surprised? They forgot to issue my hubby's card. After all, HE is the one who is working and therefore registered as head of family and paying the bills. How they excpect to get their money if they don't enroll the employer, I have no clue?

Next, my hubby submits all the certificates requested to transcribe his motorbike license from an Italian to the French version. Again, weren't we all suppose to be one big happy family called the European Union? Three weeks of suspense, whereupon further inquiry, we are told they lost the entire file and my husband needs to retake his motorbike test... after riding a bike for over 30 years? Tell me they are kidding, please!

Last week the checkbook I ordered was registered to the wrong bank account and quite frankly it is a miracle they didn't get my car's numberplate wrong! Having said that, I never actually checked, maybe I should run down to the garage quickly?

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