August 26, 2016

Close your eyes and listen

This is it. Time to close up our family house in Madrid and head back to Paris. We've spent yet another wonderful summer full of action as well as plenty of R&R. We blinked and the summer has come to an end. It is time to say goodby to friends and neighbours when it seems like we have just arrived.

Today, lying at the pool (yes, life is tough around here) I closed my eyes and listened to all the familiar sounds that remind me of summer and that I will miss back in France.

I will miss the scrap dealer driving past with his rattling truck shouting out Chatarrerooooo. Only in Spain!
The Spanish workers - because there is always something to repair in the neighbourhood - banging away while they argue which way is best, will be missed a little less.
Will I miss the gardner with his leaf blowing machine that wakes me up early on Friday mornings like clockwork? Yes, I will miss his kind smile when he wishes me Good Morning in his Moroccan lilt.
I will miss the birds chirping VERY loudly in the trees as if they were having an argument every morning. Spanish style!
I will miss listening to another neighbour's regular swimming strokes in the communal pool every morning and late at night from my bedroom.
Not sure I will miss the little Irish kid the other side of the gardens who is always yelling rather than talking!
I will miss one of my neighbours extremely cool jazz music which he plays during lunchtime when I am suntanning making the most of the deserted pool area.
I will remember the silence and absolute peace I treasure while hanging by the pool when everybody else is behind closed shutters enjoying their siesta time.
I will miss the trees swaying in the summer breeze.
I'll miss the clinking of plates and glasses while tables are being set on neighbouring terrasses and hearing the laughter from afar affirming their fun gatherings.
I will miss the automatic water irrigation going off at night telling me it is time for bed.

But most of all my neighbours are going to miss MY entertainment, for my Sex-and-the-City girlfriends and I have provided them with pow-wow lunches full of juicy, fun, creative, thoughtful, sad and sometimes profound conversations over past two months that they without a doubt have listened into.

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