August 7, 2016

Registered to vote

I did it. I FINALLY did it! I registered to vote and requested an absentee ballot. This is a huge deal for me.

For months most of us have been following the Trump saga... thanks to extensive media coverage the entire world now knows that the US holds presidential nominating conventions to field nominees in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. It has been an incredible reality show for all of us to follow.

But enough is enough! Usually, I avoid talking politics, it's just not my thing!

However, as one of my Swiss friend's father once told me: "We are lucky enough to live in a free country therefore we must vote to defend that right." His words have stuck with me for decades.

Swiss are world champion voters and go to the polls on average every 6 weeks. Switzerland's voting system is unique among modern democratic nations in that Switzerland practices direct democracy in parallel with representative democracy, which is why the Swiss system is known as a semi-direct democracy.

I have never voted in the US but a certain Facebook post by a dear American friend got me thinking. My friends know that I am never the one to stay still and do nothing.

So, here I am - standing to defend what I believe in - knowing my Dad would be incredibly proud of me.

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