September 20, 2011

Exciting beginnings...

It has been nearly three weeks since I've arrived by car from Madrid with the kids. It seems like 3 months already!

We have gone from excited anticipation during our drive from Bordeaux where we stopped for the night on our way here

.... to curious discovery, walking into our new flat filled with our familiar furniture and immediately checking out our new neighbourhood

... having breakfast at LaDurée on the Champs Elysée (how cool is that?)

... coming across an unfortunate visit to the dentist when Expat boy fell off his trottinette and chipped his tooth (a big Thank you to my Parisian blogger friend who provided me with trustworthy dentist recommendation immediately)

.... being welcomed by an incredibly organized (at least it seems so for the time being) and truely International school (over 60 nationalities)

... getting an overwhelming reception by an enthousiastic and open parent association who actually provided new parents with a "goodie bag" filled with useful information on living in Paris. (Makes me want to go back to school ;))

... feeling totally underdressed and overcoloured at Paris Vogue's Fashion night out

... discovering the efficient and rapid Parisian metro system

... exploring material shops at Montmartre while providing my kids with a bit of a culture shock (they had never seen so many tourists in one place)

... enjoying the street musician and their extraordinary talent (sometimes)

... bumping into old friends in the metro. Only in Paris!!!

... relishing in some delicious French food in a small romantic bistro in the Marais on a Saturday evening with my hubby

... taking endless photos of the Tour Eiffel because I cannot believe that I actually live here now!!!!!!!

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