September 28, 2011

A Swedish infatuation

Their colours are blue and yellow. they offer great brekfast and lunch deals.

The personel does not speak Swedish but the goods they sell are labelled in Swedish and although you have no clue what it means you still buy it. The most amazing part of it all, is that they manage to replicate this feat across the globe.

Their focus lately is on the kitchen but you won't be invited for dinner. somehow, however, you always end up visiting them, and you NEVER walk out empty handed!

2 funky downloads from IKEA for your computer:
a) Turn your desktop wallpaper into an IKEA showroom: click here
b) Times are changing clock screensaver: click here


  1. OMG that looks so good. I love your blog I really do love Paris. I cannot wait to go back I have been there 3 times and I can never get enough. B=New followe from the blog hop hope you can come by and say hello.


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