March 28, 2013

A boy's week in Paris...

What do you do when you have a thirteen year old boy to visit for a week and your son's at school? Well, Auntie Glamour has lined up a programme the poor boy will never ever forget. He was trying to keep up with himself after Day 2. But being the charmingly well-educated Latino my childhood friend's son is, he took it in strides.

After having survived the flight from Madrid to Paris (he is terribly scared of flying) he landed only to be told he'll be whizzed up to the top of the Arc de Triomph the next morning. Don't worry about your vertigo, you'll really enjoy it. And so he did.

We went from visiting the Parisian sewers underground, to conquering a glittering Tour Eiffel at night.
He visted the Notre Dame, the Sainte Chapelle and St. Sulpice, although not all in one day!

We ventured from La Maison de la Chine to the Jardin de Luxembourg. A Chagall exhibit we could not miss out on, a trendy sushi lunch and a tour of the best Macaron patisseries in town for "Le Jour du Macaron" were all part of the programme.

In his free time he was off playing football with Expat boy (after school) beneath the Eiffel Tower and attended a suprisingly brilliant talent show at the Marie du XVI arrondissement.

Oh, did I forget to mention the TWO bus tours we took across Paris? Given that it was 2°C and raining that day, we did not need to fight for our seats in the front row on the upper deck of the double decker bus!!! Listening to Edith Piaf triumphantly singing "Paris pleur de joie" over the earphones while getting soaked did make me wonder if we were overdoing it?!?

Poor boy was so tired after having received a decent dose of Parisian pomp and splendeur, he slept like a baby the night before he had to fly back home ... despite his fear of flying.

Ask him what he liked best and he'll answer: "Climbing up to the top of the Tour Eiffel conquering my own fear of heights." You are a star my boy!

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