October 8, 2016

A girls' wine tasting seminar

Time for wine! How can I resist an invitation to a degustation by my foodie friend?

It wasn't just any proposition, it was a summons for the girls to gather at her house and meet a sommelier of a near-by restaurant who was going to present the French wine appellation Crozes-Hermitage, the largest in the northern Rhône.

We were told that Crozes-Hermitage, along with the rest of northern Rhône, has a continental climate that differs from its southern neighbour, which has a more Mediterranean climate.

I am no sommelier - nor do I aspire to become one, I just like a nice glass of wine -  so unfortunately all the technical details were lost on me.

I was already concentrating on the first white wine which tasted delicious with the rich cheese platter that our impeccable host had prepared.

The two red wines that followed were more appreciated by the other ladies given my preference for white wines. The jambon de Paris, variation of French breads and salads were devoured with gusto by us girls while the poor sommelier seem to be loosing control rapidly as our conversation became more animated in a mix of English, French and Spanish.

Eventually we all had to run off to prepare late dinners for our kids and hubbies, however, we had enjoyed an unexpected feast with lots of giggles and the complicity that accompanies a gathering of good food and great friends.

Oh, and thank Goodness the sommelier never knew we had started off with a glass of champagne and sushi for aperitivo before he had arrived... and what's more...

... apparently my cooking excelled that night according to my family!

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