March 5, 2016

An African experience at school

Coming down with a bad cold I was about skip the invitation by the kids' school to attend a concert given by a Ghanian high school choir who was visiting Paris. However, leading by example I told my daughter that we would go together.... I had an inkling this might be worth the extra effort.

The minute the Winneba choir started clapping their hands you could tell the groove would go down at the school gym tonight. This Youth Choir was founded in May 1989 and has progressed steadily to the extent that it is now recognized as the most outstanding youth choir of Ghana.

Thirty youngsters dressed in their school colours' polo shirts of green, purple and blue had arrived from Accra that morning invited by the Ghanian Embassy in Paris for the occasion of the celebration of the 59th anniversary of the independence of Ghana.

They were now at our school performing a mix of traditional French tunes, local folk songs and national hymns pursuing their vision of projecting a positive image of the African youth and African choral music.

The girls had the most intricate braided hair and they all boosted a huge grin. Their singing was fun, uplifting and full of rhythm and life. I watched some of them shuffle their feet to the songs unable to stop keeping their bodies from moving to the music but then neither could Expat girl and her mummy.

I might be biased but tonight gave me another example of how cool the children's school is.

Winneba choir sang the Ghanian National hymn as beautifully as the French National hymn and had us all on our feet by the end applauding these inspiring and talented high school kids.

It is yet another unforgettable experience we have shared thanks to the initiative and organization of some awesome kids of the International community of Paris.

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