March 29, 2016

Easyjet is late again...

It seems we are reliving the good old times. A few years back easyjet was chronically late... and by late I mean hours not minutes. I still have visions of us hanging around airports at midnight after waiting at over crowded gates for three or four hours. Until one day easyjet was told they'd be fined if they continued this policy of tardiness. They actually got their act together and started to be pretty reliable ... until yesterday!

It must have been Karma because our journey from Paris to Madrid was the smoothest, fastest one ever. The flight back, however, began with an hour's delay. We arrived at the airport after a lovely long weekend full of R&R and lots of good laughs with friends. One hour's delay turned into two then three. The family bet was on: were we or weren't we gonna take-off at midnight?!?

Checking between the easyjet app and the airport's billboard to figure out which one  gave more accurate info, we finally received confirmation that the flight was cancelled.

Most passengers were French seeking to return home for the next day was a working day. Naturally confrontational, they were in uproar, shouting at the poor stewardess to provide information in French not Spanish. The easyjet employee tried English which just made things worse.

At this point, trying to save what was left of the situation, I reopened my easyjet app and to my surprise was able to check-in online for the rescheduled flight the next morning.

For once, technology was playing in our favour! Tap, click and enter. Four new boarding passes were confirmed while the Parisians were still arguing with the stewardess.

With a big grin on my face, I turned around to my family and announced: "Guys, we are going out to dinner!" My dear friend La mamita Cubana hoped in her car to pick us up as soon as she had heard the news and we all enjoyed a late night treat (Spanish dinner time) of Jamón Iberico, croquetas and cava.

We were just really lucky we had a place to stay in Madrid... a place we still ... after all these years ... call home!

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