March 31, 2016

My "Sex-in-the-city" girls

A group Whatsapp is all it took. I was to arrive in Madrid for the Easter weekend. In good Spanish style I sent a message out only two days ahead inviting my girl friends to brunch on Saturday. My hubby had organized to see his friend and the kids had made their own plans as well.

Answers came dripping in during the evening: some were looking forward to a good "pow wow" others were away for the long weekend. Videos, pictures and greetings were exchanged and a few good giggles had us all on the same page again despite the distance that separates us. Thank goodness for Whatsapp.

Had I tried organizing a brunch in Paris or Lugano it would have taken weeks of notice but Madrid has a different vibe.

I remember, a few years back, having to change my flight and leaving to see my in-laws on my birthday when I had planed a party with my friends in Madrid. A few days late, but finally on the flight to Madrid feeling very frustrated, I Whatsapped the group telling the gang I needed a drink when I landed the other end.

Three hours later we were eight girls sipping cocktails on a terrasse enjoying the summer sunshine. How is that for improvisation?

The great news is, it works every time. I can count on my friends and they can count on me. No complications, no forced appearances, no long term planning. We are there for each other, we make an effort to keep in touch and sometimes travel across the globe to see eachother. We immediately settle into our comfy zone and let the conversation flow. At times the tone is serious, even sad depending on the phase we are going through other times the mood is lighthearted and gay. Hearty laughs as well as tears are guaranteed.

We constitute a priceless support network for each other which none of us take for granted. We are well aware of the uniqueness our eclectic group of International women represents and proud of the fact that we have stayed connected for more than a decade even though half of us no longer live in Madrid. When we reunite we all enjoy each other's presence and with a glass of Cava in hand, united, we'd like to believe ourselves invincible.

We are more than just friends, we are a sisterhood... for better and for worse!

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