March 2, 2016

Is it really snowing?

It's all a matter of opinion or cultural background, I guess.

Today when I rushed around the last corner and into the cul de sac to pick up Expat girl from school, I was surprised to find the street deserted. WOW, I was actually early... that rarely happens. ;)

Within seconds after the school bell rang, children were pouring out of the main doors left and right onto the little cobblestone road. I was submerged by excited screams and shouts, giggles and moans from all the students surrounding me.

"It is snowing" was the exclamation heard from many, others complained "I don't like snow". One boy barged out of the door shouting "Let me feel the snow, it reminds me of my Russia". A French girl shrieked with delight "Look it's snowing" while her Canadian friend retorted "This isn't snow!"

None of the children took any notice of me standing amidst them and it was refreshing to watch their reactions to the 10 minute snow fall we experienced in Paris this afternoon. It reminded me of what I love about my kids' school: it is a truly International place frequented by students from across the globe with different opinions and perspectives. Over the years, I have had many "Aha" moments and learnt a great deal talking and listening to these kids. They are individuals moving between cultures before they have the opportunity to fully develop their personal and cultural identity and it is a pleasure to watch them.

Unobserved, I walked passed them all with a big smile on my face murmuring to myself. "My dear, this is as much snow as you'll get to see in Paris. So, yes, it is snowing! But of course, that's debatable, it all depends on your cultural background."

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