March 24, 2016

A sweet tooth in Zürich

A recent survey has shown that nine out of every ten people love chocolate. The tenth is lying. 

Confiserie Sprüngli, one of Switzerland’s most famous family businesses, was founded in 1836, and is now a household name for people from all over the world, synonymous with the finest Swiss chocolate, truffles, pralines and confectionery.

Need I specify that it is my absolute favourite spot in Zürich? Every time I head back "home" I stop at their shop on Paradeplatz to indulge in a Luxemburgerli, a praline, a chocolate truffle or their scrumptious Birchermüesli. For the past decades Sprüngli has never ever disappointed me since - true to their Swissness - they make absolutely no compromise on quality!

So just let me indulge a bit more by daydreaming over the photos I took last time I visited my personal chocolate heaven.

I remember my very first white box of Sprüngli chocolates my mother received as a gift when my little brother was born!

Now, my favourite are champagne and raspberry Luxemburgeli

The Swiss version of a macaron but ohh so much tastier!

A Sprüngli classic: Truffes du jour

Endless supplies

Sprüngli's petit four are also worth tasting. Yum!

Any kind of chocolate under the sun, just make your choice!

Not contempt, I also opted for some Ragusa served with my coffee after lunch ...

...and if you can still feel that sweet tooth of yours.. there are always the cupcakes left to try!

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