March 9, 2016

Death by chocolate!

One of my absolute favourite pastimes in Paris is indulging in a chocolate tour. Little does it matter that I am onto my fifth tour! I mean, there are after all limitless sorts and flavours to be tasted.

Today, I joined Brigitte, our guide from Paris Walks, for yet another one of her sultry chocolate tours. Brigitte is not only an expert on Paris, she is also a knowledgeable connoisseur and seriously passionate about the Aztec gold.

After giving us - 20 ladies from 15 different countries - an uplifting and fascinating history about chocolate and its production, we were ready to step out of the pouring Parisian rain and hit the first chocolate store in the heart of the Left Bank.

Our "degustation tour" started with French chocolatiers Patrick Roger. He is one of the master chocolatiers, however, chocolate is just one medium used by this talented sculptor who likes to show off his bold style and playful displays. His latest work of art is chocolate version of the famous thinker "Le Penseur" to mark the Rodin museum's reopening! For me, his chocolate selections allow for the most stunning photographs.

We continued to "La mère de famille", a charmingly elegant and exquisite experience, walking into a store that transported us back to the 1930s. The owner was clearly proud of what he had to offer. I dare say the orange packaging seemed to hint at being the Hermès of chocolatiers.

Our next stop was Henri Le Roux who supposedly invented famous "Caramel au Beurre Salé " (Salted Butter Caramel) which he even has trademarked as CBS ®. The top-quality cocoa beans and chocolate couvertures allow his subtle garnished creations to melt away on your palette, as if your tongue were standing still in time just devouring that caramel.

Our last stop was "Un dimanche à Paris", a sleek Paris chocolate shop tucked away in the cobblestoned "Cour du Commerce" where we enjoyed one of the best hot chocolates in town made with real melted chocolate, milk, a little cream, a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. At this point, we went all out, ordered chocolate eclairs and headed straight for the kill. Death by chocolate!

Patrick Roger's impressive, bold chocolate designs

Easter marzipan figures for the kids

Our lovely guide Brigitte from Paris Walks

Looking very comfy yet chic

Little boxes of chocolate eggs

Definitely worth buying: Bâton de gingembre

Which flavour to choose?

Pink and retro ... and made of chocolate! That egg has my name written all over it.

An assortment of Henri Le Roux's devine caramels 

Even the wall panelling resembles a chocolate bar

A great place for bunch... if you can conquer a table!

Sleek and stylish chocolate... must be Parisian!

Great solution to keep you warm on a cold and rainy day.

Death by chocolate!

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