March 22, 2016

Tourist trap or Dealer's heaven?

What do you do on a cold, grey Sunday afternoon in Paris? Well, the good news is, it is not raining, the even better news our friends are in town. The "bad" news is the tourists are starting to flock back to Paris (slowly but surely) and therefore the queues to museums, attractions and events drastically increase during the weekend.

Given that we live here, why would we want to force ourselves to stand in line when Monday morning the same venue is deserted. Thursday nights, for example, are great to visit museums since most of them adhere to late night opening and the tourists usually crash after 6pm given their strenuous day running around Paris.

Well, this Sunday we decided to check out the Marché de Puces. Covering seven hectares, 3,000 traders and up to 180,000 visitors each weekend, St-Ouen is generally thought to be the biggest flea market in the world.

What started as a rag-and-bone shantytown outside the city limits in 1885, has been organised into a series of enclosed villages, some entirely covered and others with open-air streets and covered boutiques for the antiques dealers.

Lots of vintage to spot, even more to photograph and a trendy lunch to top it all off. Sounds good to me...

A little patriotism always helps 

Ready to move in...

Interesting presentation

A bit of New Orleans at St.Ouen

Would need a palace to place these

Travel companions are always welcome

Lots of fashion vintage to be spotted

Spot the teddy bear?

I'll take the pink chairs...


I could work with these as well

Not many customers on this cold day

Pit stop?

Now, what could you use these for? Any ideas? 

A quirky sense of humour

Childhood memories flooding back

If I had a big kitchen I could really put these boxes to use

Hey, he's smiling!!!

Eerie looking couple

L'éclaireur looks enticing

Philippe Starck's contribution to the Paris' flea market: ma cocotte!

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