November 18, 2016

J'ai le droit!

Someone is protesting outside my window. A small rally has gathered in front of the embassy located right across from our apartment and every Friday the nationals of this country come to protest and make themselves heard hoping to make a difference. Problem is all the neighbours need to put up with the chants and protests being bellowed through the loudspeakers.

I am in no mood for this today. I  actually feel like a little rant myself, so lady move out the way: it is my turn!

It happens usually six months after having moved. I get the blues and start feeling homesick for the place we came from. And like clockwork I am sitting in my new home wishing I could move back to our old apartment. Don't get me wrong this place is lovely - and admittedly it is only 1km down the road from where we used to live - but since we have moved in we've had two water leaks (one of which major), two doors don't close anymore, a window is about to become unhinged, the neighbour above throws her washing water out the window and half of it ends up in my flat when the windows are open, the staircase is being repainted with workers paying little attention to what they are doing... and now the lady is having hysterics in front of the embassy.

Being in Paris, means that every time you want to complain or look for a solution to a problem, you will be shouted at, sneered at, belittled, insulted or just not taken seriously. I am fed up with being attacked from the word go, tired of the aggressive attitude that prevails in this city, so, so, so weary of having to defend my reasoning or actions to people who think that by shouting they can prove they are in the right.

If I hear another person say: "Nous avons le droit" or worse "Vous n'avez pas le droit" I am going to scream!

So, you know what: J'ai le droit to have a rant about Parisian attitude and having said that I will now move on and keep fighting because only the fittest survive in this big city jungle.

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