November 26, 2016

11 girls and 192 km

How can two people go on the pilgrimage route of Santiago and manage to take nine friends with them?

It all started with a reunion dinner in September, a special occasion for which some of us had flown in from abroad. We joked about the fact that two ladies of our Sex and the City gang had signed up for a 9-day hike. It seemed as if they were about to bite a bigger piece than they could chew.

Well, I will admit up front by saying I am in total awe. They did it! Eight days of solid hiking through rugged Spanish country side. 20 to 30 km a day.... and we are no spring chickens I might add... BUT ... they succeeded with flying colours arriving at Santiago de Compostela today with tired limbs and huge smiles.

You are wondering how did we accompany them? A Whatsapp group was created and every morning we'd wake up to the deep voice describing the march ahead accompanied by a short video clip with a high pitched giggle in the background. Every night they would find our well wishes, photos and video greetings that the nine of us would send them from Madrid, Paris, London, Lisbon, Miami, New York and even Buenos Aires. They couldn't have asked for a more International fan club!

We cheered them on with messages during their long walking hours telling them they were beautiful and strong. We rooted for the local Galician mamma who cooked dinner for them on one of their stops, we warned them about the charming Italian they kept on bumping into every day.

We sent them pictures of yummy cappuccinos, relaxing manicures, walks through London parks, drives through Madrid rainfalls, French demonstrations, American skylines and Argentinean countrysides. In return we received more smiles and more giggles along with soundtracks of animal farms and photos of bridges, rivers, village signs and starchy food, shots of breathtaking views and insightful perspectives of their daily routes.

Ladies, in spirit we were on that trek with you every single day. I speak for the whole gang when I say we are in total admiration of your achievement. And to be totally honest a little jealous of your enduring positivity throughout your journey. Not once did we witness even the slightest sense of humour failure ... but then again as the saying goes: what happens on the Camino de Santiago, stays in Camino de Santiago.

During that week, one of us sold her family house, I held a major launch event I had been working towards for months and the luckiest one of us got engaged! We will have a lot of catching up to do next time we get together.

Day one and 192 km to go...

... but with a view like this...

... il "Camino" is worth it!

Enchanted woods

 A little good vibes from the pink lady 

The Argentinean perspective

A hostel with the right attitude

Picturesque Spanish town

Endless path towards Santiago de Compostela...

... compared to the French reality that same day.

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