March 31, 2017

Enchanted by the Eiffel Tower

I never get tired of seeing the Eiffle tower. never! La Grand Dame is truly iconic. A symbol of Paris and of France, she is one of the best known monuments in the world and the one whose silhouette has been most depicted... so let me just add my shots to that list.

La Tour Eiffel is truly an architectural eye-candy and who knows it might just be the chocolaty colour piercing the sky at 324 meters that causes my addiction?

A spectacular view from the restaurant at Musée de l'Homme

Paris in the springtime is pure romance 

Unfortunately, one cannot wander underneath the structure anymore 
without a ticket due to security reasons.

Fashion photographers' favourite spot

The silver lining of the city of lights

 But then again... it often looks like this!

A glimpse from the Wall of Peace

Every time I whizz around the Place de Trocadero, I salute her!

La Grande Dame by night

 Spotting her even through the rooftops of Paris

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