March 11, 2017

May I have a glass of Champagne so I can take a selfie?

After having read an article in the New York Times that someone had been eavesdropping on Parisian shoppers and had actually published a book on fashion chatter... how could I resist? I rushed down to the most Parisian of all department stores to take a look for myself.

Loïc Prigent, journalist and fashion documentary filmmaker, started tweeting the weird and wonderful conversations he'd overheard hanging out at Le Bon Marché for a couple of hours a week during months, culminating obviously at Christmas season.

Now, I do wonder how he EVER came about this idea but it did make me giggle. Le Bon Marché is the epitome of Parisian lifestyle and a must on a Saturday afternoon if you wish to study the Parisiens et especially les Parisiennes.

According to Loïc the best place to eavesdrop at Le Bon Marché is the bookstore. Did you know there are people who come there every day to read? They dog-ear the pages and then are put out when the book they’re reading has been sold.

The best of what he overheard during his visits to the store have been emblazoned on a range of items some more peculiar than others: tote bags, erasers, baseball caps, necessaires, postcards, snow globes, aprons, mugs, pens, etc.

One phrase he picked up that I can just see crossing a fashionista's lips is: "J’adore la mode mais c’est tout ce que je déteste." ("I love fashion, but it’s everything I despise") but a truly unique one would be "I want something sublime. Not neo-sublime, not post-sublime, just sublime. I’m not fussy."

Gotta love those Parisiennes!


The most classic comment would be:
"I’m Left Bank! Only!"

"No, I can't try it, I'm on the phone bidding."

"I'm searching for something more geisha but less candy."
Gotta love that one!

My favourite:
"I’m looking for a mechanic’s jumpsuit, but for cocktail hour." 
It's sooo Parisian!

"May I have a glass of Champagne so I can take a selfie?"
Simply brilliant!

A woman telling her husband:
"Calm down, chéri. It’s just a suit. You’re not buying a building."

"Ah mais non! I’ve always been a size 38!"

"I'll take it anyway, I'll go on a diet to fit into it." 

"Are you open?"

"Which colour red do you have?"

"Does it shrink with champagne, eh, sorry, water?"

"Don't be sad, be sexy and mysterious."

"I’m allergic to beige, except if it’s a hysterical beige."

"May I pay you in cash? It would lighten my handbag."

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